Sw3rve The Realest Recalls Conversation With Roman Reigns On B-Fab’s Firing


During a recent interview with Wrestletalk, Sw3rve The Realest revealed a backstage conversation he had with Roman Reigns, who checked on him after B-Fab was released.

The wrestler admitted that after the fact, he struggled to be motivated in the Hit Row gimmick within WWE. He said,

“I wouldn’t say (I lost interest in) pursuing WWE, because I was always interested in being there, but as far as the act of Hit Row, it kind of lost all the soul to it. The heart was gone. You took the heart out of us. Without the heart, everything else kind of falls apart a little bit more. They also didn’t give us the direction or a good enough amount of time to find our next heartbeat and get in the rhythm with everything. So it kinda just was like, ‘Let’s just do what they want, and see how long we can go with this before they make their next decision and move, and we can only adapt from there’. And I remember Roman Reigns talking to me about that, he hit me up in the hallway, he was like, ‘Man I’m sorry about what happened, y’all losing the girl in your group man, that’s heavy’. And I was like, ‘Yeah man we just gotta find ways to adapt and overcome’. He’s like, ‘That’s all you can do really’. And it was a real short conversation, it was just like that.“

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