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Swerve Strickland Calls Out Pro Wrestling Writer As Being A Racist


AEW star Swerve Strickland isn’t happy with a pro wrestling reporter calling him out for supporting Sasha Banks & Naomi after they walked out of Monday’s WWE RAW TV tapings in Norfolk, VA.

Following the news surfacing online, the wrestling world took to Twitter to react. This included Strickland, who posted three raised fist emojis while tagging Banks and Naomi.

Billi Bhatti, a pro wrestling writer who has been previously banned from Twitter for “racial” and “sexist” comments and now goes under the name of “Wrestling Informer,” took to Twitter and wrote the following,

“Of course it’s racial with these people. Gimme a break. Race is why they ain’t fired, dummy.”

Strickland screenshotted the tweet and captioned it with the following,

“Racist journalists like this shouldn’t be accepted in the community or tolerated….”

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