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Swerve Strickland Draws Comparisons Between Triple H & Tony Khan


Speaking on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Swerve Strickland shared that he was given the opportunity to showcase his skills by both Triple H and Tony Khan because of their confidence in him. Talking about his time in WWE NXT while Triple H was at the helm, Swerve stated,

“I know I can do it, and being able to stand up to Triple H and say, ‘I know I can do this, I need you to believe in me.’ You can’t help but be confident in yourself, and I think he and I knew he felt that, and therefore he put it out there for me. He just was like, ‘alright go, because you believe in it, I believe in it.'”


Furthermore, Strickland explained that Tony Khan had the same level of trust in him for all of 2022, including moments such as him using pliers on Billy Gunn’s hands and bringing in Kevin Gates and Rick Ross. He remarked,

“Now, Tony Khan is the same way with all of 2022, like even me taking pliers to Billy Gunn’s hands. I believe in this, and then he believed in me. He believed this would work, even bringing Kevin Gates and Rick Ross, all these things they do work. Because I believed in it and I have to be confident with it.”

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