Swerve Strickland On The AEW Tag Team Titles & Keith Lee’s Resurgence


In a recent interview on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Swerve Strickland discussed his emotions after winning the AEW Tag Team titles, Keith Lee’s resurgence in AEW, his health, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Swerve Strickland on winning the AEW Tag Team titles:


“From my perspective, it was just like seeing everybody was like dialed in. From second to second to second to second, from sequence to sequence to sequence, everybody was on their “A” game. Just seeing the progression of just the little times that me and Keith [Lee] working with [Ricky] Starks and [Powerhouse] Hobbs, how they just elevated their game time and time and time again. From our tag match in New Orleans, which was my AEW Dynamite debut, to our triple threat with me, Jungle Boy, and Ricky Starks, to Hobbs in a singles match with Keith Lee, to our triple threat at Double or Nothing – just seeing that progression, how they elevated their game, it’s just incredible to see.

I knew it was gonna be tough because the Bucks are the Bucks. They are legends themselves. They are the top of the food chain when it comes to AEW, but also when it comes to tag team wrestling in any genre, in any decade. I feel like they are literally in the top five in any conversation. Just for everbody to be dialed in like that is really incredible. You don’t get those kind of moments like that with a crowd that hot in our debut in Savannah, Georgia. All the stars aligned.

On Keith Lee’s resurgence in AEW:

“I said this in the post-match after we won the championships, just seeing where Keith came from – he was at the heights of pro wrestling, then hitting the low of lows and his health concerns and not knowing if he’d be alive or be able to step in the ring again. Coming back to pro wrestling and coming to AEW, to me, I was in the arena during all the heights of his career and then possibly knowing that, ‘Man, this dude may not be able to be in this tip-top shape ever again.’

Doing this with him and winning the tag team championships, I have a lot of pride in that. I’ve got a lot of pride in our tag team. All of the glory to the man. Bask in his glory is a true testament to who he is and all of the glory goes to that man Keith Lee. And for putting up with me and these promos we cut every week.”

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Swerve Strickland

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