Swerve Strickland

Swerve Strickland Talks Women’s Wrestling, Where AEW Should Take It


Swerve Strickland was a recent guest of the Say Less YouTube channel, and he shared his perspective on the current state of women’s wrestling. He talked about where women’s divisions are currently and where they ought to go next. Swerve also shared his opinion about recent accomplishments in the industry. Highlights of his interview (and the full video) can be seen below:

On Triple H’s focus on women’s wrestling: “His most successes have been the women. I don’t think we talk about that enough.”


On where AEW ought to focus its high stakes matches: “The next jump for us in AEW is to get that for the women. Get four, five, six, top, strong, heavily-pushed women into some type of ladder match with stakes on the line. That’s our next big jump for the next pay-per-view, the next big event. We have to get to that level. We’re still working on it. We’re still…having Saraya come in – that’s a huge get. That’s another one that can have a line out the door, around the block, to be an attraction for AEW. People look at it like, ‘here they go, pulling more talent.’ That’s a good thing.”

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