Synergy Pro Wrestling Owner Charged With Sexual Assault, Promotion Shut Down


The owner of Synergy Pro Wrestling, Patrick Shea, is now out of the wrestling business after registering as a sex offender. Terra Calaway took to Twitter to post details over what had happened between she and Shea (aka, Colin West). He was convicted of aggravated sexual contact in 1999. As filed by the New Jersey Police Department, Shea said he, “sexually assaulted three male acquaintance between the ages of 6 and 10. Also, in a separate case registrant sexually assaulted a 12-year-old male acquaintance.” Calaway shared a screenshot of the charges from 2004 where Shea allegedly, “[used] the internet to cause or permit a 12 year-old male to send him nude photos of himself and also images of himself masturbating.”

Calaway wrote the following:

“We’re all sitting here vague tweeting and no one is just ripping off the band aid. I am devastated. Everything I’ve ever done with Dropkick is tarnished because his voice is all over it. I want to burn my own charity down. But someone has to be the one.

I don’t know who originally found the details. They should have been the ones to do this. But I don’t like that no one is saying anything and I can’t call myself a mother to this community if I don’t do what’s right to protect my kids and the actual children that come to shows.”

More than several wrestlers including Gabby Ortiz, Frightmare, Gabriel Skye, TJ Crawford, Leon St. Giovanni, and Leon St. Giovanni cut ties with the company following these allegations. The Synergy Pro Wrestling Twitter account has since been deactivated.

In response, Shea wrote the following statement on the company website:

I’m going to keep this short, as I know nothing I say will mean much to many of you.

I’m sorry I was not strong enough to break the cycle of abuse. It happened to me as a teenager & I should have been better. I was not. This is not an excuse. My actions were disgusting, and you have every right to be disgusted by them.

I have taken great strides to become a better man. Nothing I can do will change what was done. I can never fully repay that debt. But I can spend the rest of my life trying, and I will.

Please do not take this out on the Synergy roster. They did not know. They are very good wrestlers & even better people. I’m sure they are hurting enough right now. Please support them.

It is clear by public opinion I am not welcome, and I will be leaving wrestling immediately. I will make no effort to return or be involved.

I hope I have proven to some of you along the way that people can change. You weren’t deceived. I am who I portray myself to be. I hate what I did decades ago. But I am proud of who I am today.

My primary goal in wrestling was to make people happy. I’m sorry I failed.”

You can check out all the tweets in regards to these allegations below:

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