T-BAR Responds To Kofi Kingston After He Renamed Him “Tea Bag”


T-BAR and Kofi Kingston are continuing their “war of words” via Twitter. Kingston recently dubbed T-BAR as “Tea Bag”, which caused a response from the always controversial RETRIBUTION member.

In Kofi Kingston’s video, which you can see below, he mocks the names of those in the RETRIBUTION faction. He also noted that MACE and RECKNONING were missing from Monday’s RAW. He referred to SLAPJACK as “Slap/Jack” and T-BAR as “Tea Bag”.


T-BAR responded to the video, saying,

“If I’m Tea Bag then you’re Coffee and we are bitter rivals.

I hope The New Day orders takeout for dinner, then when they get home they realize that the order is completely wrong, so they call to fix it but the store has just closed which ultimately forces them to eat someone else’s meal. Plus it’s cold.“

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