Tama Tonga Is The Winner Of NJPW’s 2022 Concurso Body-Building Contest


New Japan Pro Wrestling recently opened fan voting for its 2022 Concurso body-building contest. This year’s competition featured 17 entrants and the winner has now been revealed.

Tama Tonga won the contest with the majority of votes in his bag while Douki was announced as the first runner-up.


YOH became the second-runner up, while El Lindaman and Kosei Fujita came in fourth and fifth respectively.

Here are the full results of the contest:

  1. Tama Tonga
  2. DOUKI
  3. YOH
  4. El Lindaman
  5. Kosei Fujita
  6. Hiroshi Tanahashi
  7. Alex Coughlin
  8. Tomoaki Honma
  9. Ryohei Oiwa
  10. Titan
  11. Ryusuke Taguchi
  12. Satoshi Kojima
  13. Clark Connors
  14. Master Wato
  15. Jado
  16. Yuto Nakashima

El Desperado withdrew from the competition citing a desire to back out of this year’s tournament.

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