Tammy “Sunny” Sytch Says The Nude Leaks Of WWE’s Women Wrestlers Are Partially Their Fault


As covered here on eWn, nude photos of WWE superstar Charlotte were exposed to the public via social media. Charlotte is not the first WWE Women’s wrestler to have graphic photos and/or videos of themselves put out to the public. Recently, current RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss was rumored to have explicit photos of her put out to the public as well as the situation with Paige.

Sunny spoke on the explicit photos of the Women of WWE during an interview with the Wrestlingus Show and said that the women of WWE have to take some partial blame in their photos being released to the public.

“I saw them and it’s like do I feel bad for her? Yeah, I mean, but no in a way because she took it upon herself to take those pictures. Anybody who takes pictures like this or video of that, you’ve got to, you’re assuming the risk that it’s going to get out. I mean, normal people’s pictures get out, so if you’re a celebrity, you’ve got to expect this sooner or later.”

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