Tammy Sytch Is Back At Home After Being Hospitalized For 10 Days


WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch took to her Facebook page and announced that she has been in the hospital for the past ten days due to issues with her health. On November 5th, she wrote,

“Hey everyone. Just wanted to update you all on why I haven’t been online. I’ve been in the hospital since last Saturday, sick since a few days before that. I thought I would have been discharged by now, but things keep coming up that need testing and I may be having a procedure. I’ll probably be here for a few days more, while they try and diagnose every issue. Please respect my privacy at this time… and I appreciate your support. These details will be kept private, but they are long-time nagging issues that need to be dealt with and fixed so I can stop coming back in pain every 18 months or so. Thank you again… I’ll update you on my progress once I know more.”

On November 6th, she wrote,

“UPDATE: still in the hospital. Still in pain. Just got an MRI done… GB may need to come out. We shall see. I’ll keep you posted.”

On Sunday morning, she said,

“Thanks to this wonderful hospital that won’t do the surgery I need to finally be pain free, carb loads me bc they have me on a cardiac diet (🤷🏼‍♀️) instead a low-carb diet (I’m diabetic), and then overdosed me on insulin to compensate for all the carbs and sugars they are feeding me and CRASHES my sugars to the point where I’m almost passing out. GREAT JOB BAYSHORE!!! You need to hire new surgeons and endocrinologists who know what they’re doing. This is Bullshit.”

And earlier today, she said,

“After 10 long horrible days on the hospital, I’m finally back home, in my happy place.“

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