Tara Compares Dixie Carter & Vince McMahon


Tara did an interview with SportsVIbe where she compared working for Dixie Carter and Vince McMahon. “I rarely got to talk to Vince McMahon, I would always say hello if I walked passed him in the corridor but he was always really busy,” she said. “On the other hand Dixie is always around backstage, we can approach her and she has a lot of meetings with us girls and tells us what an important role we have on the show, so that’s nice.”

She also discussed the origins of her TNA gimmick, saying, “The whole tarantula thing was not my idea, I was called the ‘Black Widow’ in WWE – The Undertaker said I looked like the Black Widow the pool player, so I went with it and had everything designed with spiders. Then, when I came to TNA… I arrived at the arena someone brought me over four tarantulas and said, ‘These are for you.’ I then put two and two together with my new name Tara and tarantula.”

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