Tara Opening Pizza Restaurant – Details Inside


The Chicago Tribune reports that TNA Knockouts Champion Tara is opening a pizza restaurant in Chicago. She said: “This is not a pet project for me. This is my job. I will continue to travel a couple days a week for wrestling, but I will be in the restaurant several days a week.”

She was also asked how much longer she plans to wrestle. She said: “I get the ‘how much longer’ question in every interview nowadays. I get it. I’m 41 in an industry where girls breaking in are half my age. My perspective is, I feel great, I think I look great, I put on outstanding matches for the fans, I bring out the best in my opponents, and most importantly, I am having a blast.”

You can find the full interview here.

The restaurant will open in early 2013 at 2418 N. Ashland in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Tara will also appear on MTV’s Made this week and is also the subject of a documentary that is being filmed by Matt Goldberg.

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