Tara Signs New TNA Contract + More On The iMPACT! Rating


Source: Pwtorch.com

— Tara, who has received a renewed push in TNA Wrestling in recent weeks, revealed during an interview Friday with the Pro Wrestling Torch Livecast that she recently signed a one-year contract with the organization.

“I just recently signed another year, so I’m pretty happy. I hope everyone knows the passion – I love what I do. I hope people see that love,” she said.

The veteran grappler explained that she only signs contracts on a year-to-year basis due to her physical state. This, however, has led to brief departures from the organization.

“I signed for a year and they wanted to a three-year (contract), but I said, ‘I just do year-to-year. I have to listen to my body, and I don’t want to be locked into anything,'” she said. “Then, my contract expired (in 2010) and it was just negotiations. It was not that I wanted to leave, but it was the paperwork. I don’t like that part of the business at all. Then, the next year (2011), it expired again and we had to go through it again.”

— As we previously reported here on the website, TNA’s iMPACT! Wrestling rating for this past Thursday was an 0.84 (0.8), the lowest of the year. It was down 18% from last week’s 0.99. It’s slightly lower than the 0.85 (0.9) cable rating the company earned on July 12 during the DirecTV blackout.

iMPACT! dropped to an average of 1.06 million viewers, down 20% from last week. This is not only the fewest viewers of the year (less than the 1.11 million on July 12), it was the fewest viewers of the past two years, going back to June 3, 2010 against the NBA Finals.

The demographic ratings were only slightly lower or about on par with last week, except for males 18-49, whihc was down 1/10th of a rating (17%). It’s also the lowest males 18-49 rating of the year. Impact also had a year low in adults 18-49.

On cable TV, iMPACT! ranked #49 in overall viewers, #70 in adults 18-49, #25 in males 18-34, and #20 in males 18-49. In key male ratings, Impact was beat by History, Discovery, Cartoon Network, TBS repeats, and the FX movie Grown Ups. The NFL game of the week was down to 6.4 million viewers after an average of 8 million viewers last week.

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