Taryn Terrell Attends College, Hogan Not Worried About Vince


— Hulk Hogan was complimentary of WWE when speaking with Newsday about his Hulk Hogan Uncensored Q&A on Friday. Hogan said, “Oh, my God, brother, that whole WWE is a monster. That’s a whole other universe, a whole other entity.”

He added when asked about whether he can transfer his success in business toward helping TNA, “When the business is in your blood, I don’t know what to tell you – I’m not worried about what Michael Jordan did, or what Vince McMahon is. I just worry about my own thing, bro.”

— Taryn Terrell has a job as a TNA Knockout, but she’s also a college student as well. The Louisiana native is attending the University of New Orleans, where she is majoring in marketing.

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