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NewsTasha Steelz Comments On Kenny Omega Coming To Impact, Knockouts Tag Titles,...

Tasha Steelz Comments On Kenny Omega Coming To Impact, Knockouts Tag Titles, Rebellion



Co-holder of the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tasha Steelz was interviewed by Wrestling Headlines. Steelz spoke about AEW World Champion Kenny Omega appearing in Impact Wrestling and defending his title against Rich Swann at Rebellion. She also talked about her own Knockouts Tag Title defense with partner Kiera Hogan against Jordynne Grace and a mystery partner.

Here are the highlights below from that interview:

On how they’re feeling going into Rebellion: “You know Fire’N’ Flava…we are feeling good. We on this heat wave man. You know, that’s just how we are. We’re going in as champions, you know, we have titles to defend, you know, we got a bar to raise even higher. So you know, we’re feeling good. Feeling very confident. We’re ready. We don’t care who Jordynne picks, who Jazz picks. If jazz want to play “Oh psych your mind” and “it’s me again.” We don’t have a problem beating the two of them once again, but you know, we ready we stay ready.”

On how they’re preparing for Jordynne Grace’s mystery partner: “We don’t know who is going to be and but like I said we stay ready so we don’t got to get ready. We’ve beaten Jordynne in the past. We’ve beaten Jazz in the past. So with Jazz picking this partner for Jordynne…There is a lot of women out here that are very talented, strong, ready to go, ready to come to IMPACT and make a statement. Why not come through it and try it with Fire’N’Flava? Unfortunately it’s not gonna work on their end but you know, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. There’s just a lot of names that just pops in my mind that could possibly be Jordynne’s partner. Throughout the Indies she she tagged with LuFisto…she is one of the most incredible talented wrestlers and she she’s got more experience then Fire’N’Flava put together. Like I said we stay ready so I’m I am just ready to hear who Jordynne is going to bring on and I am ready to beat them and move on to the next because we want some competition. That’s what Fire’N’Flava is all about is giving all these girls an opportunity.”

On how she would rate her Knockouts tag title reign so far: “I mean, we off the Richter scale you know I’m saying? We are way off the scale. We setting the bars around here. We’re raising them higher and higher and you can’t Limbo underneath it. You can’t jump over it. You have got to try and pair up to Fire’N’Flava but that’s why we’re calling ourselves the best women’s tag team ever. Anywhere ever. We don’t care if your promotion ends with an E, we don’t care if your promotion ends with a W, an H, NWA, we don’t care what women’s tag team is in what division or what company. We are the best and we prove it every single week. On the microphone or in the ring. This is best why we’re the best. We are the absolute best.”

On Omega vs. Swann and the extra eyes that will be on IMPACT Rebellion: “When Kenny was competing with us, you know, several PPV’s ago there was definitely brand new eyes there. And we just had to turn it up 10 times more. Not that we don’t already do it, but to prove to everyone why we say we are who we are it’s always good to go in and and reintroduce ourselves to people all over again. That’s like one of my favorite things because I like to, you know, my actions speak louder than my words. I love to talk. But I also love to do that walking too. So I’m excited. I know Kiera she’s excited for it. And we’re just ready to prove. We know that the AEW locker room will be watching because they are rooting for their their home guy Kenny. And of course the IMPACT locker room will be watching because we’re rooting for Rich. So yeah, everybody is just going to turn it up 10 times more and Rebellion is going to be the talk for a while after Sunday.”

On connecting with the fans: “I just talk to myself and I say “you got to be you Tasha.” You just got to go out there and give all that energy. I got a lot of practice in when I was at NWA because there’s crowds but there, you have no music to get off that energy when you walk through the curtain. So then you don’t come out to music at NWA. So I had to give my own energy out there when I was there. So I got a lot of great practice doing that. So from doing that, there, I was just like, okay, so no music, bbut crowds, okay, no crowds, music, all right, I can just blend the two in and just just give my swag, you know, and do my thing. So I just go out there and I be me, you know, that’s all I can do is just be me. Whether you Love Me or you hate me, take me as I am, or not at all. And everyone loves it.”

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