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NewsTasha Steelz Says WWE Offered Her A Referee Position Following A Tryout

Tasha Steelz Says WWE Offered Her A Referee Position Following A Tryout



During a recent appearance on Tommy Dreamer’s “House of Hardcore” podcast, Impact Wrestling Superstar Tasha Steelz commented on WWE offering her a position to become a referee after a tryout, and more. She said,

“When they finally got back to me, they offered me a referee position. I, immediately, was like, ‘Does this mean I shouldn’t be a wrestler?’ You just get so self-doubting at the time. I just let WWE be my end all, be all. I was like, ‘No disrespect, but that’s not in my heart. That’s not something I want to do.’ I had a couple of meetings with Mr. William Regal and he saw me at an Indie show right after my tryout and he knew what I could do. He really complimented me and said, ‘I know what you can do, you’re talented. If this is something you really want to do, you have to put your mind 100% into it and being a wrestler is no longer, you have to be a referee.’ He gave me time to think about it and it took me a couple of days to realize this doesn’t have to be my end all, be all. There are so many opportunities out there and so many places I can go. I respectfully declined and said, ‘if there is anything wrestler-wise in the future, I would love to be part of the black and gold brand. In the meantime, I have to turn down this position.’ He understood and there was no bad blood. That was good for me.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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