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Tay Melo Recalls Having a Thumbtack Stuck In Her Head After Street Fight



AEW star Tay Melo said that following last January’s street fight match on Rampage, she pulled a thumbtack out of her head on the plane ride home.

At the AEW television tapings that went down from Los Angeles, Melo teamed with Anna Jay for a brutal street fight against Ruby Soho & Willow Nightingale. The Brazilian standout recalled thinking her braids were too tight following the match, only to discover something worse. You can read highlights of her interview with Elite POV below:

Sammy Guevara discussing Melo’s pain the next day: “So we had to rush, after the street fight, straight to the airport because we had a red-eye. On the flight, Tay’s like, ‘Oh, my braids are so tight, it feels like something is stabbing me.’ Then, she’s trying to take out her braids, and then she takes a thumbtack out of her head. On the plane, she took a thumbtack out of her head.”

Tay thinking it was just her hair: “It was hurting so much, and I thought it was my braid, and I was like, oh, no. I know what it was. It was all the way in, and I had such a bad headache, and I had blood in my hair because I had no time to wash my hair. I took a shower at the arena, but I had no time to wash my hair because it takes a long time, so I just did a little crazy thing and went to the airport with blood in my hair.”

How she enjoys street fight-style matches: “I love it. I feel like I didn’t know what to expect after the first. I told Sammy, I feel like I found myself. I don’t get as nervous for a Street Fight as I do for a normal match. It’s crazy. It’s like my blood’s going. I want to be there more than anything. I want to keep going. I want more time. I want to do more crazy things. I don’t really think about what can go wrong. I come up with so many ideas for those types of matches. The finish was our idea. I was like, ‘Oh, I want to do this. Help me get there.’ I just love it. I really feel I found myself in those types of matches, and I’m telling you, I want to do one every month.”

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