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NewsTaya Valkyrie Comments on Incident with a Fan, Velvet Sky Responds

Taya Valkyrie Comments on Incident with a Fan, Velvet Sky Responds



At tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling A Night You Can’t MIST crossover event with House of Hardcore, current IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie got into a verbal altercation with an audience member.

Similar to the events that allegedly transpired between Velvet Sky and an audience member at a recent ROH event, you see this audience member, with a drink in hand, become verbally abusive towards Valkyrie and when she knocks his drink out of his hand, he spits on her as she walks away:

Valkyrie would later comment on the incident. Her verbiage in the tweet seems to suggest that the fan was ejected after this incident:

Call me names, enjoy the show, boo, cheer, whatever…..but don’t attack me verbally. Insult me personally and spit on me. Hey hey hey goodbye.
Wasn’t just me. He was problematic throughout the entire show. Hope he wakes up tomorrow with a horrible hangover and realizes his mistakes. I’ll say a prayer for you bro…

Speaking of Velvet Sky, the former IMPACT Knockout would actually comment on this incident and state that it is getting worse with “fans:”

Girl I’m SO sorry that happened to you! And it’s getting worse & worse with “fans” at shows. This is not ok. This is not “heel banter.” And I dare anyone to say “get a thick skin, you’re a heel. Fuck that noise. This crosses all the lines. Similar situation with us from last wknd.

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