Taya Valkyrie Defends Her Recent Tweet Blasting WWE For Firing John Morrison


We reported last night here on eWn that former WWE Superstar Taya Valkyrie (Franky Monet) wasn’t happy that WWE fired her husband John Morrison and seven others on Thursday and urged fans to no longer support a company that doesn’t respect its talent. She said,

“Stop supporting a company that has ZERO respect for their talent. You love pro wrestling, spend your money on the hundreds of other alternatives. This is wrong. Ethically, as employers they don’t care about us. Talent or fans.”


When a fan responded to her tweet and basically told her to stop being so “bitter”, she replied by saying,

“My husband got fired. This is why I’m saying this. I’m speaking my truth. I’m sick and tired of ppl treating us like sh*t. In two weeks we lost both our incomes. Before the holidays, I’m allowed to feel how I do.”

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