Taya Valkyrie Discusses Teaming With Rosemary In Impact Wrestling


During a recent appearance on the “Gimme a Hull Yeah” podcast, Impact Wrestling Knockouts tag team champion Taya Valkyrie commented on working with Rosemary in Impact. She said,

“It’s the strongest it’s ever been, and now we have this third wonderful piece in our puzzle named Jessicka [Havok], so it’s just been so great to be with someone that I respect so much, not only as a human being, as a ‘demon’, I respect Rosemary as a performer, as an athlete and as a creative genius that she is. I’m just thrilled to be World Knockout Tag Team Champions with her, and I just think we bring the best out of each other. We’re very yin and yang, black and white, just so different, the odd couple, if you will. But I think that’s a really fun dynamic, and there’s so many different ways that we can express it, and I just think that the fans are gonna be super excited about what we have coming down the line and what we’re gonna bring to the table at Emergence.”

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