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NewsTaya Valkyrie Is Still Looking For Her "Permanent Home"

Taya Valkyrie Is Still Looking For Her “Permanent Home”



Taya Valkyrie has been all over the world, and won titles across the globe, but she says she’s still searching for her “permanent home.”

Valkyrie is currently signed to Impact Wrestling. She is one-half of the current Impact Knockouts Tag Team champions. Valkyrie is also the longest-reigning Impact Knockouts champion, having once held the title for 377 days. She has worked for NXT, AAA, Impact, and Lucha Underground.

In a recent interview with Comedy Store Wrestling, she admitted she’s still hoping to find a promotion to call home. You can read highlights of her comments below:

Her hope of finding a permanent home: “Right now, my main focus is, especially in these next coming months, is finding my permanent home. I’ve been a free agent for this whole last year. I’m excited to be exploring that and figuring out where I’m gonna stay for a while, and that could be one of many places right now, which is exciting. It’s scary, obviously, because you’re like, ‘Oh my god, is this gonna happen? Is it not gonna happen? Am I gonna get a contract? Am I not gonna get a contract?’

“So that’s really been my focus, to just kind of cement a place for myself. This whole last year has been super fun, being able to do kind of whatever I want. Because this didn’t exist prior to the pandemic, this Forbidden Door, being able to cross over through these different companies. So that has been super fun for me, and I’ve gotten to face people that I never thought I would ever get the chance to. But I definitely wanna figure out where I wanna stay for the foreseeable future in the next couple months.”

Whether a return to WWE is in the cards for her: “I don’t know. I’m in a really good place right now personally and professionally. I feel comfortable, I feel challenged, I feel heard, I fed appreciated and stuff like that. My experience was so bizarre that it kind of freaks me out, the idea of thinking about going back there. But Triple H, the whole time I was there, he just loves this business so much. He really is trying to put on, like in the black and gold brand, it was so different, and it was so evident.

“Now having him at the helm of the ship so to speak, it’s great that other people are getting those opportunities again. I only hope the best for them, and that they do really well and that everyone can grow and thrive and make money. We’re all struggling and working really hard to get noticed. So all the best, and you never know. You never say never. I would have a conversation. Why not?”

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