Taya Valkyrie & John Morrison React To Valkyrie Signing With WWE, + More News


As we reported earlier today here on eWn, WWE officially announced that Taya Valkyrie has signed a contract with them to work on the NXT brand. Valkyrie herself and her husband, John Morrison, both took to social media to react. Valkyrie said,

“For those that have been on this decade long journey with me, you know how badly I have wanted this. I’ve sacrificed and dedicated my life to this. Moved across continents, learned languages, immersed myself in new styles, cultures and experiences with the over all goal of making it one day to the @wwe. I have worked my butt off and today my dream has come true. I promise to work harder than I ever have, to show the world who I am as a performer and human being. I love my life and take absolutely nothing for granted. I’m hungrier than I have ever been and now the work begins. Thank you to all those that have supported me, and to those that don’t like me…welp, too bad [shrugs emoji] I know my worth, my talent and I will always strive to be better. Now buckle up because this is going to get interesting. LETS GET TO WORK!!”

Morrison also posted the following to his Instagram account:

“Congratulations to @thetayavalkyrie on signing her first @WWE contract!!!”

WWE posted the following “Grit and Glory” segment from today’s episode of WWE’s “The Bump”. In it, Samoa Joe interviews Big E.:

The official Twitter account of WWE’s “The Bump” tweeted the following today, announcing that WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix will be one of the guests on next Wednesday’s show:

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