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Taya Valkyrie On Filming GLOW, Piper Niven Becoming Doudrop In WWE, More


During a recent interview with Comedy Store Wrestling, one-half of the Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, Taya Valkyrie, spoke on her time working on Netflix’s wrestling-based TV show GLOW. Valkyrie also spoke on WWE RAW Superstar Doudrop’s 2021 name change from Piper Niven.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On enjoying her time working on GLOW: “I was, like, wrestling Alison Brie, and I’m like, ‘Don’t drop her. Don’t drop her. Don’t drop her. [She was] so nice. You know, we choreographed everything in a way that it was as safe as possible. I just remember John [Morrison] coming to watch me film on the day we were doing the in-ring stuff. And he’s like, ‘How many times did you do that?’ I go, ‘A lot.’ Because it’s so different filming wrestling for a show like that than it is to just have the match and be over. I loved it. I could have done that forever.”

On her reaction to Piper Niven’s name change to Doudrop: “I was just kinds of like, I thought the name was confusing. But I mean also, look at a lot of the other names people have had over time. Like, there’s all sorts of weird stuff going on. But also, when I talked to her and stuff she was just being so positive about it. And you’re in a position where you really are you’re living your dream, you’re under a lot of pressure and under this microscope. You’re just gonna like, take whatever it is and roll with it. And that’s kind of what you have to do when you’re there, and that’s exactly what she’s doing.”

On Doudrop being able to succeed in WWE despite the name change: “I just think that you know, we can feel all sorts of ways about all sorts of different things. And especially there, it just can be a little bit confusing. But she’s so good in the ring and on the mic and everything, and I just think she just brings something different to that division. And she’s gonna make it work. She’s awesome.”

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