Taylor Wilde Reveals She Was Going To Be A WWE Cruiserweight Champion


Former Impact Wrestling Knockout Taylor Wilde recently revealed that at one time, she was slated to become the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. In a report by Fightful Select, Taylor says she worked a series of house shows for WWE in January 2007 and worked against the men’s roster in a full ninja costume and body suit. She went on to work for WWE’s then developmental territory FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) and Deep South Wrestling from 2006 to 2007 before signing a contract with TNA (Impact Wrestling) in 2010.

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The idea was pitched by Dean Malenko and Jamie Noble to have Wilde eventually win the Cruiserweight Title from Shane Helms under the mask. The idea went far enough that she met with Vince McMahon. Vince loved the idea but obviously didn’t go forward with it for one reason or another. Taylor said Shane Helms didn’t like the idea at all and this was a key factor (in her opinion) as to why Vince vetoed the idea.


Helms confirmed that the pitch was real and that he didn’t like it, noting that it didn’t get much past a pitch in that regard. Helms added that originally, fans were not supposed to to know if the character was a man or a woman underneath the outfit.

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