Taz Breaks Down Cody Rhodes’ “Crossrhodes” Finisher Prior to AEW Dynamite


Taz tweeted out the following video, looking at Cody Rhodes’ finisher (Crossrhodes) prior to this week’s AEW Dynamite broadcast. He said,

“Crossrhodes by the American Nightmare Cody. So let’s discuss this maneuver, let’s break it down. A move, a finish that has given Cody such success for so long and still continues to have success. So that’s Darby Allin getting countered by Cody. Now Cody, okay he has an overhook with his left arm. And then he gets himself an underhook with his right arm, Cody’s own arm. And then he will cut the right bicep of Darby. And this is interesting, which is very smart by Cody. He then places Darby’s arm, forearm, against his own jawline to create tightness so Darby can’t move. Backsteps with his right foot, does Cody. And then tightly, quickly, and aggressively does a quick roll which drives — creates a violet torquing motion and drives as you can see — Darby’s skull, his head, right on the mat. Vicious, complete nastiness by Cody. And here’s another opponent, this is Kip Sabian. I believe Kip ended up getting drilled by three of these Crossrhodes. Now let’s break this down, because Kip takes this a little different. There’s the underhook by Cody, okay, with the right arm. Here’s the overhook by Cody, completely bridging his opponent so his opponent is, basically nothing you can do from that motion. Cups the bicep, keeps Kip’s forarm across Cody’s own jawline. Tucks his chin as we pause, backsteps does Cody with his right foot. And then here’s that quick, aggresive gator roll motion for those amateur wrestling fans, you know what a gator roll is. This is a modified, aggressive gator roll, basically. And then there’s another shot. Same move on the same opponent, Kip. Tucks his chin, and then look at Kip’s head and neck, how Cody has it all twisted up, and then drives him down on his face as opposed to Darby who landed on his skull, his head. It’s just aggressiveness, which this is why this makes Cody such a favorite in my opinion going into the TNT Championship Tournament where we try to crown our first ever TNT Champion.”

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