Taz Continues to Comment on Corey Graves’ Recent Tweet Regarding Him


We reported last night here on eWn that Corey Graves sent out a tweet on Sunday, calling Vic Joseph and Samoa Joe the “new and improved” Michael Cole and Taz. Taz didn’t take kindly to the tweet and followed up with the following today:

“Nah, he wants content for the podcast WWE handed him. Meanwhile, @WWEGraves has every resource possible from WWE to succeed with the pod but he has try to become a hot take controversial outspoken shock jock podcaster “try hard” …brother please. Never was bitter & not bitter. Jealous?? About what? Him? lol I was minding my own business he took a shot at me (claims it was a joke afterwards) for no reason , I defended myself & my body of work and I’m the bad guy? Wake the hell up dude.”

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