Taz Discusses Possible Commentary Return, What he’s Looking For in a Promotion


Taz recently spoke to Wrestling INC’s WINCLY podcast to discuss his potential return to the commentary. Here are the highlights: 

Potential Commentary Return: 

“It was accidental. It was just a quick interaction on Twitter and I try my best to interact with people who follow me. I just answered the person’s question…it’s been several years since I’ve done commentary in pro wrestling and over time it’s something I’ve missed. Anybody who listens to my podcast, they’re not super-shocked as I talked about this in one of my shows about a month ago that I missed commentary. Then it just blew up and truth be told, it was a part of my career that I loved. No matter if it was for WWE or TNA – when I went to TNA it was a hot property back then. Then I got to meet Mike Tenay and we became really good friends. I had a lot of fun doing it and when I transitioned from the ring to the commentary desk, it was actually a hard thing to do. I didn’t want to do it but Vince McMahon felt it was the next chapter for me.”

What He’s Looking For In A Promotion:

“The No. 1 thing is credibility in the ring. To me, there needs to be talent. When I say credibility, I don’t mean star talent. I mean guys and girls that can go in the ring; that are athletic and their intensity is there. I don’t want a situation where it’s a young wrestler that is a little green and is making mistakes in the ring. Now, if I can’t call out that mistake or call out that they are sloppy, then it hurts my credibility as a broadcaster. If I do bring forward to the audience what this guy or girl can’t do, then it’s a negative and I’m bashing the talent which is a no-no in my book. I’m hurting this person’s brand or future potentially. The first No. 1 thing is that the in-ring product is strong every match. With the WWE you’re gonna get that right out of the box because you’re not getting to SmackDown, Raw or NXT without them being strong in the ring.”

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