Taz: “I Spoke Privately with Dominik Dijakovic!”


UPDATE: Taz took to Twitter on Tuesday, revealing that he and Dominik Dijakovic spoke privately after Dijakovic asked to use his Tazmission finisher. Taz said he reached out to the WWE NXT star via Twitter DM and they spoke today.

ORIGINAL: On Monday, Dominik Dijakovic sent a tweet to Taz, asking him to use his old submission finisher. Dijakovic deleted the tweet, but asked Taz “do you mind if I start using your Tazmission hold on WWE programming and events to defeat my opponents? I have found it to be a very effective maneuver. Thank you.”

When Taz responded, he said he appreciated him asking but they should have taken their discussion “private”. You can check out his tweets below:

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