Taz Speaks On Baron Corbin Not Being Ready, WWE Insulting People’s Intelligence


Taz recently spoke about a wide range of topics on an episode of his weekly Taz Show podcast including his thoughts on this past Monday’s episode of WWE Raw. Here are the highlights (H/T to WrestleZone):

Baron Corbin Not Being Ready:

“What they’re doing for Baron Corbin and I’m happy for Baron for getting a push because he is getting a f*cking big push; the way they’re pushing him, how they’re over exposing him and that he’s not ready…He’s not ready, Baron Corbin, for this because it’s like when you build a house and the foundation. Before you frame the home, you need a f*cking foundation. The foundation’s made of concrete, so when you pour the frigging concrete, the concrete has to dry. Once the concrete dries then it’s stable. Baron Corbin, he’s poured concrete that’s halfway dry. He’s not ready to have a house framed on him yet and I’m not saying it’s his ability because it’s not his ability. His ability is fine. It’s how he’s been built to this point. He’s still wet cement. I don’t care what anybody says.”

WWE ‘Insulting People’s Intelligence’:

“You’re not putting talent in a position to succeed when you shoot something the way it’s shot, like Dean Ambrose in the doctor’s office and the way it looks, like it’s f*cking 1989 or 1992 or 1994, with the way RAW is WAR would shoot sh*t backstage. It just looks campy and outdated. It doesn’t look realistic. It’s insulting to people’s intelligence. It’s f*cking annoying. It just looks fake and to top it all off, WWE will take clips of this sh*t and they are taking clips of this stuff and putting it on their Twitter that has like 10 million followers and they’re tweeting out these clips and people are quoting these clips ripping the sh*t out of what they did on RAW and ripping the creative team and ripping everybody. WWE don’t care. I mean, they care, but they don’t care. They think it’s funny. They wouldn’t be putting it in our f*cking face like this and anybody that thinks I’m going to the Hall of Fame in Brooklyn, at WrestleMania in 2019, you’re out your f*cking mind.”

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