Taz Upset with Corey Graves Over His WWE TLC Tweet


Corey Graves tweeted a photo of Vic Joseph and Samoa Joe backstage at the TLC pay-per-view event. He captioned the photo with, “NEW & IMPROVED Tazz & Cole.” Taz was far from happy with the tweet. He responded with the following:

“If they are a duo after YEARS of shows than its a fair comparison. [Cole] & I BATTLED for every opportunity as a team.” When a fan told Taz that it was just a joke, he said,

“Jokes aren’t funny when pulled on someone who doesn’t work there anymore…therefore if its joke than I’m NOT in on it. I dont appreciate being the brunt of a joke from a current announcer especially with the big social media following of @WWEGraves – I’m “out here”, he’s not.”

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