Team Vision Dojo Issues Statement On Chasyn Rance


In a story that has dominated social media for all the wrong reasons, Team Vision Dojo, a wrestling training academy based in Orlando, Florida, has had to issue a statement after it came to light that one of its trainers was a registered sex offender.

Criticism was levied at the school over Chasyn Rance, who was charged with (and found guilty of) lewd or lascivious batter of a victim between the ages of 12 and 15 back in 2011. Rance is currently the school’s tag team champion alongside his 16-year-old protégé (name withheld). As notes, Rance has been registered with the Florida Sex Offender Registry since 2014 after being found guilty in 2011.


Photos of the tag team showed up on social media today. When reached for comment on the matter, Team Vision Dojo issued the following statement:

“Hello. Chasyn Rance was deemed guilty in the court of law in 2011 for actions that took place in 2008. During his time on probation, Chasyn was in therapy, not allowed to interact with minors, and had to submit to drug testing. Chasyn completed everything that was required by law and then went back to training minors again sharing full knowledge of his past with parents. Chasyn continues to be one of the best trainers in professional wrestling around and there’s no denying that. While the actions of the past look very bad, the future looks bright for all those that Chasyn continues to help. Thank you for any concerns. Everyone at Team Vision Dojo is doing great and have many big projects continuing and others in the works. If you would like to contact Chasyn regarding anything else or other false accusations that this website has promoted in the past that was debunked, feel free to contact him at: [email protected]

It is important to note that Rance is legally allowed to be around minors for business purposes, according to a report from Fightful. We will have more on this story as it develops.

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You can keep up with all your wrestling news right here on Or, you can follow us over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.