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NewsTeam XTreme May Be The Only Version Of The Hardy's We May...

Team XTreme May Be The Only Version Of The Hardy’s We May See



As we all are wondering, will we ever see the full blown gimmick of the Broken Hardy’s on WWE Television, that answer may have come to the front of the line on RAW Talk. The new WWE RAW Tag Team Champions claimed their titles at WrestleMania 33 and when the original music of The Hardy’s hit, many thought it was just a last second theme because their return was reported to be last minute.

We have seen Matt Hardy give some doses of Broken in WWE but not the full fledged gimmick and Jeff Hardy is no where near Brother Nero as he displayed on RAW Talk.

Here are the highlights from RAW Talk:

When Matt Was Asked About The Timing Of Their WWE Return:

“Many things. I think myself and my brother were both in great places in life. We took time off, we healed, and I think we not only healed physically but mentally and emotionally. We both started families and we’re just in such great places. Maybe before we truly were the Hardy Boyz, maybe now we’re the Hardy Men, we’re grown up. Being here this time around, it just feels so right and I think this is going to be the most fun we’ve ever had here.”

Jeff“The perfect story with a perfect ending. I’ve got the Hardy girls now and Matt’s about to have the Hardy boys, so I’ve been a father for the last six years and it’s the best thing to ever happen to me.”

Renee Young then asked what have The Hardy’s been up to since their departure from WWE:

Matt: “A lot. We’ve been everywhere, truly everywhere. One of the things we were doing, we were on an expedition of gold where we were going to every federation or promotion that was worthwhile and we were winning tag team championships. And we did, we won every tag team championship that we went to a promotion and we worked for. To come home and win these the first night in, obviously the most prestigious tag team championships that there are, concluded our expedition of gold.”

When Asked About The Current RAW Tag Team Division:

“It’s going to be hot, it’s going to be fun, and for us it’s very exciting because we have a new crop of opponents. Before in the days we faced the New Age Outlaws and Edge & Christian and The Dudleys but now there’s The Revival, there’s Cesaro & Sheamus, there’s Enzo & Cass, and tonight The Club that we faced. There are so many great tag teams so there are so many different stories and so many amazing scenarios you can find yourself in. I know the competition is going to be coming hard. It’s going to be fun and we’re here to cement our legacy and we’re also here to prove that we are the most exhilarating tag team in history.”

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