Ted DiBiase Jr. Speaks Out – Injury Update & More


Credit: BaltimoreSun.com

Ted DiBiase Jr. recently spoke about coming back from injury and becoming a father, here is what he had to say…

On Recovering From Injury: “I got that (ankle surgery) done, shoulder was good, just orthopedics. I was just in and out. I was probably out four weeks or so, so I was ready to go. I’m back in the gym, [the] ankle is probably 85 percent and I’m looking at maybe another month out, I think. If I had to, I think I could probably go today, but I think WWE is giving me some time to make sure it’s healed, which has been a godsend because now I have more time to play dad.”

On Becoming a Father: “I remember sitting outside the hallway and they told me to come in, and my wife actually had high blood pressure [and] the baby came three weeks early,” he recalled. “So there was a little stress involved. And I heard him cry for the first time, and it was like water works. I was this big, tough guy, and they brought him over, they cleaned him up, and here I am holding this kid. It really is one of the greatest moments in my life. Definitely one of my proudest achievements so far, ’cause he was completely healthy and my wife was completely healthy afterwards. Nothing went wrong [with the birth], and there was a lot that could have gone wrong.”

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