Ted DiBiase Sr. Always Saw LA Knight’s Potential When Working In NXT


Ted DiBiase only spent a short amount of time working with LA Knight in WWE NXT, but even back then saw the potential of the popular Superstar.

Speaking to “Wrestle Binge” DiBiase said that he knew it wouldn’t be long until WWE got behind the former IMPACT World Champion. He said,


“I had a great time. That whole thing was not supposed to last as long as it did. It was getting over so well, they just kept going for another week and another week. Obviously, I recognized the talent right away. I wasn’t around him [LA Knight] enough to become buddy-buddy, but enough to know that [he would go far]. I didn’t say it to him, but in my own head I said, ‘It won’t be long before he goes up and they start using him,’ and obviously they have.” 

DiBiase worked with Knight & Cameron Grimes in 2021, with both Knight and Grimes having reigns with the title.

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