​Ted DiBiase Sr. Defends Roman Reigns’ WWE Wellness Policy Violation, Says He’s Not A Drug Addict


The Inquistr has provided a transcript of WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr’s recent interview with the BBC. DiBiase Sr. defended Roman Reigns recent WWE Wellness Policy violation, saying,

“Everybody knows there’s been some controversy recently with Roman Reigns getting a 30-day suspension. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody deserves forgiveness and a second chance and certainly I think this young man does as well. From what I know of him, and I don’t know him well, but what I have seen of him and as I’ve been around him and what I’ve heard from other people, is that he’s a really great kid. He’s not a dope addict, he’s not addicted to anything. He’s just a kid who, you know, hey, we all have… I wrote a book about it! Everybody deserves a second chance and I hope that he gets his as well. I think he still has an extremely bright future in the WWE.”

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