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News​Ted Dibiase Sr. Discusses His Issues With The Ultimate Warrior & Not...

​Ted Dibiase Sr. Discusses His Issues With The Ultimate Warrior & Not Patching Things Up At WM31



During a recent interview with the Joe Cronin Show, Ted Dibiase Sr. discussed his past issues with the Ultimate Warrior and regretting not approaching him at WrestleMania 32 to patch things up. Here are some highlights:

On why he said what he said on the WWE’s first Warrior DVD: “All the guys that were interviewed, the guys collectively said the same thing, but we were all interviewed separately. I didn’t understand Warrior. When you come into my business, but you join the family, and that’s something that Jim never did. It didn’t seem to me that he was grateful for the things that people did for him.”

On Warrior’s Hall of Fame speech: “Some people said he paid me a compliment, but he really didn’t. I was going to go back there and shake his hand and say forget about it. Then I thought about it, and thought it was his night, and I’m probably one of the last people he wants to see coming.”

On his regret: “If there was a regret, the one thing I didn’t get to do before he died, was bury the hatchet with Ultimate Warrior. Everybody knows there was no love loss between a number of wrestlers and Jim Hellwig, but when the company came out and put him in the Hall of Fame, I thought it was the classy thing to do. I’m a minister, I preach forgiveness all the time.”

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