Ted DiBiase Sr. Turns 58, The Rock Movie Review, More


The Hollywood Reporter has the first review for the Rock’s Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. They gave the film a middling review, saying, “The targeted demographic [kids]…will gladly hop aboard for a cornball ride through colorful, often glaringly phony sets popping with miniature elephants, gold-spewing volcanoes, and a monster-truck-sized lizard. For the adults, there’s the edifying sight of Michael Caine astride a giant bee. The Rock’s performance is said to be not entirely successful, saying, “Johnson sets the tone with an affable goofiness, although never ignites the spark that his labored banter with Caine requires.”

— WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase turns 58 years old Wednesday.

— Harley Race is the subject of a detailed story on his rise, fall and re-rise in the St. Louis newspaper the Riverfront Times. The story talks about Race’s history in the business, his alcohol trouble and the Harley Race Academy. The article features Race talking about the current wrestling climate, which he notes is more talk than action. “The easy way out is to let the guys talk about the bullsh*t without being able to do the bullshit,” Race said. “You can’t talk for 60 minutes.”

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