Teddy Hart’s Trial Date Has Been Delayed – Details


Seems as though former MLW star Teddy Hart will be waiting a bit longer, as his upcoming court date has been pushed back yet again. According to PWInsider, per the court records, Teddy’s court date has been pushed back to September 10th. The cases will be heard at approximately 9am in Richmond, Va. The delay was caused due to COVID-19 pandemic causing most cases to be backlogged and delayed across the board.

Teddy Hart is facing charges from several arrests, including arrest in February on charges of of possession, possession of a Schedule III controlled substance, and possession with intent to sell and distribute.

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Teddy has claimed that he drove to Virginia to get marijuana and was pulled over for an issue with his license plate which he said had been “taken care of.” The officers searched his car and found marijuana and steroids.

A second arrest was for a violation of his house arrest conditions and took place in early March.

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