Teddy Long Believes Bron Breakker Should Retire Brock Lesnar


WWE Hall of Famer Theodore “Teddy” Long was a recent guest on Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Time Machine during which he discussed Paul Heyman serving as Brock Lesnar’s on-screen mouthpiece. Teddy also noted that Bron Breakker, the nephew of the legendary Scott Steiner and son of Rick Steiner, should have the honor of retiring The Beast Incarnate when that day finally arrives.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On Lesnar being paired with Paul Heyman for so long: “It’s not so much as that Brock needs the mouthpiece, you know, Brock can basically talk by himself. What Brock needs is the insight, the knowledge, to know-when-to-do-this, to know-when-to-do-that. Paul Heyman has been around this business for a long, long time and Paul Heyman is certainly … a really smart guy.”

On Bron Breakker potentially being the guy to eventually retire Lesnar: “Steiner’s kid has got a great-looking body. That kid looks really good and he’s a good worker. I’ve seen him work in the ring, so yeah, that’s not a bad idea.”

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