Teddy Long Says CM Punk & Jack Perry Should Brawl At AEW All Out 2023


WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long believes that CM Punk should compete at AEW All Out 2023, and even brawl with Jack Perry, despite the suspension of both men.

Punk and Perry were suspended from AEW for a backstage altercation at All In 2023, marking the Chicago-Made wrestler’s second AEW suspension in under a year.


On a recent edition of the “WrestleBinge” podcast, Teddy Long suggested that if CM Punk wasn’t the instigator, his suspension should be lifted in time for All Out 2023. He said,

“Here’s what they can do now. They said that CM Punk was really not the aggressor, then they could drop the suspension on CM Punk and have him show up at the pay-per-view and have him have a match.

“During that CM Punk match, then out of the blue, Here Comes Jack Perry, which is been suspended, but he don’t give a sh*t. He can buy a ticket, which makes it legal. Come into the arena, so maybe here comes Jack right at the end… Punk goes for his finish, Jack hits that ring and there’s a big brawl right there, brother, you know? Now you got a big pull apart, even involve the police. So, you know, I mean, we just have to wait and see what happened.”

An investigation into the backstage incident between Punk and Perry is ongoing.

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