Teddy Long: Vince McMahon Is Part Of WWE Creative – Fans Should “Leave Him Alone”


WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long has encouraged fans to leave Vince McMahon alone following the Chairman’s return to the promotion earlier this year.

After retiring from WWE last July, McMahon strong-armed his way back onto the board of directors in January 2023 and has since been appointed Executive Chairman.


McMahon was backstage during last week’s episode of RAW which marked his first time at a WWE event since before his retirement.

Many have speculated that McMahon is seeking to regain the role of Head of Creative, which Triple H was appointed to after Vince’s retirement.

Speaking to Wrestle Binge, Long said he believes McMahon does have a role with WWE’s creative team once again He said,

“Yeah, Vince is certainly a part of creative, I would believe that.”

Long added that fans who have been critical of McMahon should lay off the 77-year-old billionaire, adding,

“This is the man’s life. So leave him alone. If he wants to step in and be a part of it, let him be a part of it.”

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