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Teddy Long – ‘Vince McMahon Would’ve Fired Jack Perry Over Using Real Glass’



Jack Perry would have been shown the door in WWE if he had used real glass when told not to, according to WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long.

In an interview with “Sportskeeda Wrestling,” Long addressed the recent controversy between CM Punk and Jack Perry that led to Punk’s release last week. He said,

“I can’t really speak on AEW, ’cause I don’t watch it. But here’s what I can say about this — Jack Perry, I don’t know the young man, never met him a day in my life — the only thing I can say about this, if he was in the WWE, I think the leadership there is a lot better.

“If he had been told by Vince McMahon to not use real glass, that wouldn’t have ever happened. And if he’d disobeyed Vince McMahon’s orders, that not to do something…  as soon as he walked through that curtain, he’d have been fired. No suspension, none of that stuff. But I think that if he was in the WWE, the leadership there would have certainly put him in his place and he wouldn’t have never made a mistake like that. If somebody tells you don’t do something, then you don’t do it. So I think that just comes from the leadership in AEW.”

Jack Perry has been suspended indefinitely from AEW due to his role in the backstage altercation with CM Punk at Wembley last month.

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