Tegan Nox Details All Of The Injuries She’s Worked Through In WWE NXT


Tegan Nox recently appeared on the Wilde On podcast. During it, she went into detail regarding all of the injuries she has dealt with while in WWE NXT. 

“I didn’t really get hurt on the indies,” Nox said. “Like, I snapped my collarbone once and the odd finger break or nose break which, you know comes part and parcel. But, within the second week (of WWE), I tore my right ACL. Like, as soon as getting there, we were getting ready for the first Mae Young and then it just tore in the middle of class.

“There was no crazy thing that I did. Me and Dakota Kai locked up and my knee just went, just exploded,” she revealed. “We locked up and twisted and my right foot stayed pointing forward and my body turned left and went, ‘no,’ and it just popped out. Luckily that one was just the ACL and it took me 10 months to come back from it.”

After returning for the second Mae Young Classic, she got hurt again. 

“The second one was during the second Mae Young. I did a dive to Rhea Ripley, which I have done 100 times. The ramp was really long at the time and I overshot it,” Nox stated. “My left toe was on the ramp but my heel was on the squishy floor, so my knee just went to the side, popped out of socket, and popped back as I hit the floor. I tore my ACL, MCL, both meniscus, and I broke my tibia as well.

“Yeah, that one went, that one just exploded on me,” she said. “I carried on with the match for a few more minutes because the doc said I could wrestle without an ACL, he’s told me that before, so that’s fine. That’s all I thought it was, the ACL, so I carried on going. Then I took a dropkick off Rhea and there’s a photo where you can see that my knee is starting to pop out of the socket again, as I’m taking the bump. I was lying on the floor and I just screamed, ‘I can’t do this again.’”

Knox worked her feud with Dakota Kai without an ACL. 

“I came back after a year, I wrestled Dakota in a street fight, in a cage match, did War Games. The entire storyline with Dakota we didn’t know I didn’t have an ACL again,” Nox revealed. “At some point during the rehab process, it just popped out of the hole and got mangled up and we had no idea. It was really surreal it just wouldn’t bend. I was like, ‘it’s almost two years it’s still not bending.’ He was like, ‘let’s get an MRI to check,’ and he said, ‘yeah, you haven’t had an ACL for like two years.’”

“I literally come back from that and a week later I’m on SmackDown,” she said. ”I was like, ‘what is going on? Didn’t you see what happened the last three times?’”

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