Tegan Nox Discusses What’s Next For Her, Who She Wants To Work With


During a recent appearance on the “Into The Danger Zone with Chris Denker” podcast, former WWE Superstar Tegan Nox (Nixon Newell) commented on her future plans in wrestling, who she’d like to work with in AEW and Impact Wrestling, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the toll wrestling has taken on her body: “I miss wrestling, I really do. I miss being in front of the fans, building a bond with the fans, throwing myself around, but it’s been nice to give my body a little bit of time off. Wrestling for ten years, almost nonstop, even when I was in rehab, I was still working out every day, doing hard stuff. For ten years, my body was like, ‘I f*cking hate you.’ The last 90 days, I’ve been in the ring like three times. My body has needed to relax and recharge. It’s been bloody lovely, but I do miss wrestling. I’m hoping that soon I can figure something out.”

On talent she wants to work with in the future: “Whoever books me [laughs]. There are so many people from so many different companies I want to work with. I’d like to work with Ruby Soho again, we did some stuff on the Indies and CHIKARA, which was so much fun. She’s one of my favorite people to be in the ring with. I’d like to actually have time with Deonna to go longer than three minutes, including entrances. Chelsea Green, Mickie James, Serena Deeb. Let me wrestle Serena. Taylor Wilde. I have such a huge list of people I want to work with, not just from IMPACT or AEW, just worldwide. I’m happy to be a free agent for a little while, but still get my toes wet until I eventually find somewhere that I feel is home. Who knows when that will be.”

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