Tegan Nox Says She Found Out About Her Split With Shotzi Online, Unhappy With NXT Run


During a recent appearance on the “Into The Danger Zone” podcast, former WWE NXT Superstar Tegan Nox commented on finding out about her split from Shotzi online, not being a fan of her WWE NXT run, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On WWE splitting her tag team with Shotzi up: “It was pretty difficult. Me and Shotzi got quite close during that whole stint. I was driving, Shotzi was in the seat next to me, and Toni [Storm] was in the back, and she said “oh my god, you’re on Raw, we’re on Raw.” Then she went “wait, no, I’m still on SmackDown. They made a mistake.”

On if she saw it coming: “No idea. We were number one contenders for like 6, 7 weeks. We won God knows how many number one contendership matches. But no, they didn’t give us any indication. We just found out on Twitter.”

On being disappointed with her NXT run: “With all the knee surgeries and stuff, I never felt like I got a good run in NXT. I was enjoying my time in NXT. My feud with Dakota is probably my favorite wrestling situation I’ve ever been involved in. It was so much fun.”

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