Tenille Dashwood Comments On “Taste Of Tenille” YouTube Series


Impact Wrestling Knockout Tenille Dashwood was interviewed by Fightful Select. Tenille spoke about her hopes to turn her web series, ‘Taste of Tenille’, into its own show. She started the YouTube series, which focuses on cooking, during her time in WWE.

About being one of the first WWE (or non WWE) stars to have their own business outside of pro wrestling:

“That’s interesting ‘cause I don’t think anyone’s ever really brought that up to me before. But, I definitely wanted to make sure that I was in charge of my own career and where things were going, and that I wasn’t gonna be told what to do or how to do it. Or anyone to dictate my path, basically. So, I tried to make it known early on what my real name was and what my passions are outside of wrestling, too. Because I thought it was important. I do think fans appreciate being a part of your life and like being let in. There’s more things they can relate to, there’s things that can help them. It’s not just all about wrestling. But, yeah. I am my own person. It was important for me to show that and to show that there’s more for me to achieve in this world.

The big picture is to bring it to life on a big screen for whatever it is. A Netflix or a Amazon Prime or just cable TV show, Discovery, Travel, one of those. Basically living vicariously through Tenille is basically the whole idea around it. I’ve got a pitch for a show. I’ve spoken with production companies. Brands reach out to me all the time whether it’s with things to do with health and fitness, clothing, different resorts, places around the world, tourism boards, all of that and I welcome that. They can reach out to me at booktenille at gmail dot co. But, that’s like part of my life and things I welcome. I haven’t found that specific group or people to bring that to life the way I envision it. So, while I will say I’m not the most patient person, I am waiting because that’s such a big deal to have the show that I want and that’s probably the biggest goal for me is to have my show. So, that’s what I’m working on and doing the vlogging stuff on YouTube in the meantime until I can do it the way I want to and bring it to life.“

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