Tenille Dashwood Opens Up About Her WWE Release


Tenille Dashwood recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet about her thoughts on her WWE release & the popular Emma Dance from NXT

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Highlights courtesy of 411Mania

Tenille Dashwood on the origins of the Emma Dance:

“Yeah, it was me along with Byron Saxton, actually at the time. And it was when Dusty was — we were all at FCW and I picked this new music. At the time, the music that we used was that music. But it was like, ‘This is very strange, almost like a little alien-like, weird [song].’ So I was like, ‘What do I do? I have to do something when I come out, I can’t just like, walk out.’ So I ended up doing this weird thing with my hands, and they were like, ‘Don’t do that. But maybe a little more like this’ and we kind of adjusted it, and I just kind of kept trying it and trying it. And it evolved from that.”

Tenille Dashwood on her WWE release:

“No, actually, it wasn’t me [who asked for the release]. It was actually a really big shock for me. I had no idea … At the time, I was in a feud with Asuka and we had just done the PPV. And that was her PPV debut. I think it was her actual debut as well. And we had an awesome match, I remember everyone loved it and then we had a match on RAW the night after. And then basically by the end of the week, I had a call saying I was released.”

Tenille Dashwood on the reason she was given for her release:

“From what I heard, it was just that — honestly, I don’t even know what [it was], because I feel like there is more to it than what I was told. And it was kind of a very brief conversation, and not necessarily everyone agreed, or whatever it was. But basically I think the boss wasn’t happy with something, and that was kind of it. And I was very shocked, because I literally was packed to go on the European tour. So a two-week tour overseas, had my bags packed. I was going to the airport, it was on a Sunday. I was on the way to the airport basically and got a call and was like ‘What?’”

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