Tenille “Emma” Dashwood On The Possibility Of Joining Bullet Club


Former WWE women’s wrestler Tenille “Emma” Dashwood recently spoke about the possibility of joining the Bullet Club. You can check out some highlights below:

On her match with Sumie Sakai: “I think it’s going to be just anything and everything. It’ll be hard hitting, technical with lots of submissions and all kinds of things. The Japanese style mixed with what I am known for means we may have to pull something out that we’ve never done before. I think you can expect a great fight.”

On if she was impressed by Brandi Rhodes: “Definitely impressed. You can see if you watch her matches back that she is improving every time she goes out there and I thought this was one of her best matches yet. Obviously, I got the upper hand and I think that comes down to experience. Brandi hasn’t been in the ring for a whole lot of time and I have, it just comes down to that. I’ve been friends with Brandi and Cody for a long time and them being a part of this show, Supercard of Honor, is a huge thing too.”

On joining Bullet Club: “It all just depends on the situation. They would have to do some sweet talking and we’d have to work some things out. You never know what’s ahead. I’m not saying yes or no, I’m saying it depends.”

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