The 2013 Survivor Series Location Revealed, Lita Note


— Just to recap – the Carrol County Times has an interview with Curtis Axel, in which he talks about his new name, working hard to get rid of the Michael McGullicutty persona and training with The Rock to get him ready for WrestleMania. He was also asked about how his partnership with Paul Heyman started. He said: “We were talking about it and I brought it up to him, what do you think about this, us being together? Brock’s part-time and CM Punk was hurt at the time and I was like, Paul, WWE needs Paul Heyman on television. So that was my pitch to him. But before that, before I was even with him, he would be at the live events and this Raw and Smackdown TVs and he would come up and give me advice. So I was like, man, if this guy wants to take time out of his busy day and help me out, I would approach him with everything I had and he’d help me out, and then I approached him with this pitch and he liked it. We would talk more about it; I think he might’ve brought it up to the higher-ups in WWE and here we are.”

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— At Saturday night’s WWE house show event in Boston, MA, WWE announced that the 2013 Survivor Series pay-per-view would take place on November 24th in the city of Boston.

— Former Championship Wrestling from Hollywood star Shaun Ricker (who was also on The Hero reality series with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), has been named Slate Randall in WWE developmental.

— Former WWE stars Lita, The Boogeyman and Howard Finkel have been announced as guests signing at the Chiller Theater convention this October in New Jersey. More details are available at this link.

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