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The Acclaimed Are Interested In A Match With The Hardy Boyz In AEW



During a recent appearance on the “Rasslin with Brandon Walker” podcast, The Acclaimed’s Anthony Bowens and Max Caster commented on Mark Henry’s compliment of the pair being a tag team, a possible match with The Hardy Boyz, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Anthony Bowens on the current state of the AEW tag team division and wanting a match with The Hardy Boyz: “I think competition is great, and we get to prove ourselves every week against some of the best teams in the world and keep proving why we are the best team in the world. And plus, we get to have all these matches – for me, the Hardy Boyz would be a dream match as a kid. Never would I think when I was 10 years old I would grow up and have the opportunity to beat the crap out of Matt and Jeff Hardy. So, every week is an opportunity to prove why we are the best in the world, and it’s exciting. It’s really exciting to be sitting on top of the best tag team division in the world.”

Max Caster: “The Young Bucks, they’re on my list again this year of teams I want to wrestle. Because the first time we wrestled them, we lost. But we had one of our best matches ever, and we almost won the titles – our tenth match in I think it was. So, there’s a lot that we have to prove that we want to revisit and go back to. My goal is to prove that The Acclaimed is a top-level team and that we’re top-level wrestlers, and we can only do that against the best teams. Bring on the Hardyz and bring on anybody else you want to sign because we’ll beat them and outshine them.”

Max Caster on their goals for 2022 and Mark Henry’s compliment on their pairing: “We want the titles. I think we are in line to get those. There’s no team that’s more loved than us, there’s no team that looks better than us, there’s no team that gets a better reaction than us when we step into the arena. I’ll say this, this is my favorite compliment that we ever got. Mark Henry told us that the best decision Tony Khan ever made, besides starting AEW, was putting The Acclaimed together. That is my favorite compliment I ever got. It gave me so much confidence when he said that because it’s easy to lose sight of these things.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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